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Online Resources

There's a large and growing community of Plover users, with a diverse set of enthusiasms.

  • The github repository: The official plover source code. Plover is a free download with no commercial aspirations whatsoever. Download it and enjoy!
  • The Google Group: an open forum for discussing all things Plover.
  • The Discord Server: an open and welcoming IRC-like chat area with many Plover-related topic channels.
  • Art of Chording by Ted Morin: a free and well-written textbook with the same scope as "Learn Plover".
  • Aerick's YouTube channel: Some very well-made introductory videos on Plover (see the full playlist). Some of them are linked directly from the corresponding lessons in "learn plover".
  • Steno Jig: Free online interactive typing drills.
  • Typey-Type: More free online interactive typing drills.
  • Another list of online resources: This is the Plover project's own community-maintained wiki.