Welcome to Stenodict.

Below you will find a set of free, open source stenographic dictionaries to help you with the task of evolving beyond a traditional keyboard. Feel free to contribute back with your own dictionaries.



by Ted Morin
Symbolic arrows → → made easy

Cross Platform Movement

by Ted Morin
Movement and selection across Mac, Windows, and Linux

Di’s Mac Movement

by Di
Extensive Mac movement and selection

Di’s Vim Commands

by Di
Vim and steno were made for each other


by Ted Morin
Complete Emoji dictionary 😃

General Command Line

by Di
Briefs and entries for terminal users

Left Hand Modifier Keys

by Achim Siebert
Left-hand keyboard shortcuts in only two strokes

Left-side Mac Movement

by Achim Siebert
Left movement shortcuts with selection for Mac


by Ted Morin
Best markup language meets best text entry system


by Ted Morin
First 151 Pokémon written with Plover theory

Single Stroke Commands

by Kevin Knox
A single-stroke brief for virtually all keyboard shortcuts


by Ted Morin
Window management with Spectacle, the free application for OS X

UK Spellings

by Ted Morin
Replace US spellings in Plover's default dictionary

Unspaced Punctuation

by Di
Punctuation with all the spaces suppressed

Vim Captioning

by Mirabai
Useful realtime captioning commands for Vim

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