The Open Steno Project

An umbrella project for open source steno tools

What is Stenography?

Mirabai Knight using a steno machine in different settings

Real-time machine stenography is a code translation system that lets users enter words and syllables by pressing multiple keys simultaneously in a chord, which is then instantly translated into English text. This makes steno the fastest and most accurate text entry method currently available. It is also more ergonomic than QWERTY.



What is the Open Steno Project?

An n-key keyboard with Plover on a tablet.

Steno technology has existed for about a century, and has been compatible with computers for over 30 years, but until now the hardware and software necessary to write at 240 WPM has been restricted to professional stenographers.

The Open Steno Project seeks to bring free software, low-cost hardware, and interactive learning tools to everyone who wants to use steno for their personal or professional pursuits.

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Who can use steno?

  • Coders & Developers

    Developers can help contribute to the Open Steno Project while learning how to write code using steno.

  • Writers & Translators

    Steno is more fluent, efficient, and ergonomic than any other text entry system.

  • Steno Students

    Plover lowers the financial barriers to entry for people on the road to becoming professional stenographers.

What Is Steno Good For?

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